While other social media consulting companies will lump businesses into a non-customizable plan, Local Social recognizes that social media marketing does not fit into a ‘one size fits all’ model. Clients meet face-to-face with a consultant that is interested in providing only the key services your business needs and creates a social media strategy specific to your organization. This is how Local Social effectively spreads your marketing message in the most cost-efficient way.

Social Media Strategy

Local Social’s customizable strategies are designed and specifically tailored to your business and industry. Social media can be complicated and time consuming. Just having a Facebook page or twitter account does not mean that customers can find you. Various social media platforms require different marketing techniques. Putting together a strategic social media plan tailored to each platform is vital to achieving a business’ social media marketing goals.

Content Marketing

In order to maximize social media marketing your business’ online presence must be consistent. Businesses must engage with their followers to encourage them to stay active and interested in the brand. We work with your business weekly to update your online marketing campaign as new promotions, marketing ideas, or events become relevant. Each post is important and we will make sure you are generating maximum exposure with excellent content on each social media platform.



Local Social provides clients with an in-depth analysis of a business’ current online state and will lead them to the appropriate social channels that will boost their online presence. Every month Local Social will provide you with appropriate reporting so we can track what works best for you.

"Social media marketing allows businesses to learn about their customers and connect with their audience. Studying social media analytics can help businesses understand the major demographics and patterns of their customer behaviors. This allows them to better target their customers and understand their needs. Bottom Line: It’s time to go social."

–Ashley Gordon, owner, Localsocial

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