Robert Gordon and Associates

Local Social has created content for Robert Gordon & Associates to invoke emotion in viewers and engage forward thinking about their financial future. People tend to think of financial institutions as something they will consider in their future, but regret to realize that acting now rather than later can help them plan for a future of financial independence. Through Facebook advertisements, Local Social has increased traffic to the RGA website by directing content to their target audience and encouraging Call-to-Actions.

Robert Gordon & Associates, Inc. partnered with LocalSocial WP about a year ago. In that time, we have doubled our Facebook page “likes” and have seen a drastic increase of clients that contact us because they found our information online. We are showing up higher on financial search queries and the partnership has had a positive impact on our bottom line. Ashley is a wizard with words and consistently impresses us with her way of drawing people in so they want to read more of our content. To those who think they can’t afford to hire a social media consultant, I now know that Robert Gordon & Associates couldn’t afford not to hire Ashley.

–Nic Gordon, MS, CFP®, MPAS™