Deno's Mountain Bistro

Today’s diner turns to search engines and online maps when they look for something to eat or to choose a venue for their special event. By using industry best practices, Local Social has built stronger bonds between Deno’s and their customers over social media. Local Social also responds to every review Deno’s receives on Yelp!, Trip Advisor, Google+ and Facebook. This helps the diner feel heard whether they are giving positive or negative feedback and increases the likelihood they will return, while also keeping the restaurant informed on their patrons evaluation. Local Social has also increased traffic to Deno’s website, increasing reservations, which produces a smoother guest experience for the diner and elevated customer satisfaction.

"Responsible business owners know that Social Media cannot be ignored.  Local Social has made the daunting task of managing my online presence comprehensive, less time consuming and stress-free. It’s easy to watch our followers engage with our website and social media channels converting into increased revenue."

-Nick Kutrumbos, V.P. Deno's Mountain Bistro

"Putting together a strategic social media plan tailored to each platform is vital to achieving a business’ social media marketing goals."

–Ashley Gordon, Owner, LocalSocial